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Eli Delgado

Officer | The Mortgage Lenders
DRE #02208838 | NMLS #2240825

Eli has over 22 years of real estate mortgage experience 🏠. Within his career, he has built businesses within this space, has trained million dollar entrepreneurs πŸ’Ό, and a culture that keeps molding itself with its people πŸ’ͺ. Eli’s success is owed to the number of peoples lives he’s impacted, from the sales team to clients who are in need of mortgage loans 🌟.

Mike Vizcarra

Realtor | The Mortgage Lenders
DRE #01991633 | NMLS #1857146

Mike has over 8 years of real estate experience 🏑. As a realtor, he has mastered the art of real estate by ensuring his clients are offered world-class service πŸ‘Œ. Implementing systems and procedures to keep the business thriving is the KEY to his way of life πŸ”‘. A relationship magnet and able to walk into a room and empower many to manifest their dreams into reality πŸ’«.

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Mike Vizcarra
Realtor | DRE #01991633 | NMLS #1857146
Eli Delgado
CEO | DRE #02208838 | NMLS #2240825

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